Picture sushi

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For parties, it is fun to make picture sushi. If you place your garnishes correctly, then when you roll up the sushi and slice it, you will find a picture. This takes practice and imagination! It is at least as much fun making as eating. And you are helped by the fact that they generally look much nicer than you imagine they will!
2 steps
sushi rice Lay a sheet of seaweed on a rolling mat, spread with rice. Place garnishes in the middle, roll up. Slice before serving.
smoked salmon
crab sticks
fish roes
Japanese pickles
thick Japanese omelette
Try wrapping alternate slices of salmon and egg in seaweed, and putting it on top of two pieces of pickled burdock root, with two wedges of cucumber wrapper in seaweed on either side, to make a dragonfly. Or roll up lots of little rolls of rice in seaweed, and put them together in a larger roll to make the scales of a fish. Or put beetroot in the middle of the roll, with seaweed wrapped around and meeting on the top, and cucumber peel on each side, to make a flower with leaves. Or for geometric shapes, try making a spiral roll and then cutting it into quarters and shaping into a square sushi.