Scandinavian coffee and walnut torte

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Edited: 2018/08/07
This luscious cake is traditional for birthdays.
. 11 steps
220g cups pecans grate mix well Spread yolks over whites. Partially fold in the nuts in quarters. Do not overmix. Divide into two 9 inch lined cake tins. Bake in moderate oven 25-35 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Cool completely. Frost cake immediately before serving.
2 tablespoons instant coffee grind
1 cup sugar beat until thick and creamy
7 egg yolks
7 egg whites beat until stiff peaks form
pinch salt
mocha-mallow whipped cream frosting
1/3 cup prepared instant coffee Combine in double boiler, melt. Chill in refrigerator, mixing occasionally. Beat with some cream, fold in remainder.
175g white marshmallows
1 cup heavy cream Whip
Some people prefer kirsch to coffee in the icing; use pink marshmallows. The original recipe had twice the amount of cream in the icing but that tastes too oily.
If you have the tins, and the skill, divide the mixture into four cake tins instead of two.