Tags: Italian, soup
Edited: 2021/08/30
See also a ribollita from Food&Wine.
. 6 large portions. 19 steps
5 tablespoons olive oil   heat Cook 10 minutes, turn off the heat, add oil, leave 5 minutes
2 red onions dice   cook covered 10 minutes on high heat, stirring frequently
2 carrots dice
100g pancetta dice
4 cloves garlic chop roughly
big bunch parsley chop roughly
stalks from 500g chard wash, slice into 1cm strips   stir in
1/2 tin chickpeas drain, whizz in food processor
1/2 tin chickpeas drain
1 tin plum tomatoes break up   stir in, bring to boil
500ml light chicken stock
nugget parmesan with rind
leaves of 500g chard roughly chopped   add, turn down to lowest heat
salt and pepper
250g stale ciabatta remove crust, tear into chunks   add
5 tablespoons olive oil
Serve with more olive oil, and grated parmesan