Pierogi with fruit

Tags: Polish, pastry, Baba, dessert
These can be made with blueberries, sour or sweet cherries, diced apples, or very thick preserves.
. 7 steps
dough Divide dough into quarters, roll out thinly, cut into 6cm diameter circles. Place a heaped teaspoon of farce in the centre. Fold over, press the edges firmly, shaping them so they do not fall apart in the cooking Cook in a shallow wide pot, in a large amount of lightly salted water. When they come to the surface, cook them over low heat 4-5 minutes, remove, drain well.
14 oz flour Knead, adding water as necessary. Dough should be quite loose, and not stick.
pinch salt
1 egg
lukewarm water
fruit mix
1 tablespoon fine breadcrumbs
1 tablespoon sugar
butter melted   Serve immediately
Serve with sugar and sour cream
See also sweet cheese pierogi. And then there are the savoury pierogi: Russian pierogi, sweet cabbage pierogi, sauerkraut pierogi, cheese pierogi, meat pierogi, kasha pierogi, crisp mushroom pierogi.