Mushroom risotto with truffle sauce

Tags: starter, fancy, made, Damon, risotto, mushroom
. 20 steps
50g butter   cook 5 minutes
1 onion chop
250g arborio rice   cook several minutes
30g dried wild mushrooms soak mushrooms
250ml boiling water stock mix   gradually add over a moderate heat, stirring after each addition and letting it almost boil dry
250ml white wine
500ml wild mushroom soup   stir in in batches, simmer 25 minutes or until just tender
150g button mushrooms chop roughly fry 5 minutes or until tender   stir in, cook few minutes longer
25g butter
50g parmesan grate
200g shiitake mushrooms slice   fry 1 minute
50g butter
lemon juice   toss in
salt and pepper
150ml cream mix   stir in, boil rapidly 3 minutes or until thickened slightly
40g tartufato
parmesan Shave, sprinkle over moulded risotto mounds