Brandied mushroom pies

Tags: starter
. Makes 8. 12 steps
45g butter   Cook until lightly browned Divide mushrooms between 8 soufflĂ© dishes. Press strips of pastry around inside rim of each dish, wrapping around twice. Brush with a little water. Place square on top, press to seal. Trim, brush with egg. May be assembled a day beforehand. Bake in moderate oven 20 minutes or until golden brown
2 onions slice
1kg baby mushrooms halve   Cook over high heat until just soft
2 tablespoons brandy   Cook until liquid evaporates
1 tablespoon cornflour blend   Stir until boils and thickens
600ml sour cream
2 sheets puff pastry Cut each into 4 squares. Cut a 1cm strip from the edge of each square.
1 egg beat lightly