Slow cooked fennel with stuffed chillis and Swiss chard

Tags: antipasto, Italian, waiting, starter
Seasonal in the autumn, when fennel is at its best: round and fat in the base, sweet and crisp
. Serves 6. 15 steps
oil   heat fennel few minutes, add garlic part way through Spoon nicely onto plate.
4 fennel bulbs trim, cut in segments
3 cloves garlic halve
salt and pepper   season
2 tablespoons water   add, cook until fennel becomes soft and brown
thick-skinned chillies deseed Lay chillies in base of saucepan, pour in oil nearly up to top. Heat until oil begins to boil. Drain, cool.   Season, put in a small amount of capers, anchovies, parsley.
anchovies chop roughly
flat-leaf parsley chop roughly
dash vinegar   Splash with vinegar
chard blanche in boiling salted water, 4 minutes. Drain. season
juice of 1/2 lemon