RAF Squadron Mottoes

1In Omnibus Princeps (Foremost in everything)
3Teritius primus erit (The third shall be first)
4In futurum videre (Tosee into the future)
5Frangas non electas (Thou mayest break but shall not bend me)
6Oculi exercitus (The eyes of the Army)
7Per diem per noctem (Dy day and by night)
8Uspianm et passim (Everywhere unbounded)
9Per noctem volamus (Through out the night we fly)
10Rem acu tengere (To hit the mark)
11Ociores acrioresque aquilis (Swifter and keener than eagles)
12Leads the field
13Adjuvamus tuendo (We assist by watching)
14I spread my wings and keep my promise
15Aim Sure
16Operta aperta (Hidden things are revealed)
17Excellere contende (Strive to excel)
18Animo et Fide (With courage and faith)
19Possunt quia posse videntur (They can because they think they can)
20Facta non vera (Deeds not words)
21Viribus vincimus (By strength with conquer)
22Preux et audacieux (Valiant and brave)
23Semper agressus (Always on the attack)
24In omnia paratia (Prepared for all things)
25Feriens tego (Striking I defend)
26N Wagter in die Lug (The Watcher in the sky)
27Quam celerime ad astra (With all speed to the stars)
28Quicquid agas age (Whatsoever you may do, do)
29Impiger et acer (Energetic and Keen)
30Ventre a terre (All out)
31In caelum indicum primus (First in Indian skies)
32Adeste comites (Rally round, comrades)
34Lupus vult, lupus volant (Wolf wishes, wolf flies)
35Uno animo agimus (We act with one accord)
36Rajawali raja langit (Eagle, King of the Sky)
37Wise without eyes
38Anto Lucem (Before the dawn)
39Die Noctuque (By day and night)
40Hostem a caelo expellere (To drive the enemy from the sky)
41Seek and destroy
42Fortiter in re (Bravely in action)
43Gloria finis (Glory the aim)
44Fulmina regis iusta (The king's thunderbolts are righteous)
45Per ardua surgo (Through difficulties I arise)
46We rise to conquer
47Nili nomen roboris omen (The name of the Nile is an omen of our strength)
48Forte et fidele (By strength and faithfulness)
49Cave canem (Beware of the dog)
50Sic fidem servamus (Thus we keep faith)
51Swift and sure
52Sudore quam snaguine (By sweat and blood)
53United in effort
54Audax omnia perpeti (Boldness endures everything)
55Nil nos tremefacit (Nothing makes us afraid)
56Quid si coelum ruat (What if heaven falls)
57Corpus non animum muto (I change my body, not my spirit)
58Alis nocturnis (On the wings of the night)
59Ab uno disce omnes (From one learn all)
60Per ardua ad aethera tendo (I strive through difficulties to the sky)
61Per puram tonantes (Thundering through the clear air)
62Insperato (Unexpectedly)
63Pone nos ad hostem (Follow us to find the enemy)
64Tenax propositi (Firm of purpose)
65Vi et armis (By force of arms)
66Cavete praemonui (Beware, I have warned)
67No odds too great
68(Always Ready)
69With vigilance we serve
70Usquam (Anywhere)
71First from the eyries
73Tutor et ultor (Protector and Defender)
74I fear no man
75Ake ake kia kaha (For ever and ever be strong)
77Esse potius quam videri (To be, rather than to seem)
78Nemo non paratus (Nobody unprepared)
79Nil nobis obstare potest (Nothing can withstand us)
80Strike true
81Non solum nobis (Not only by us)
82Super omnia ubique (Over all things everywhere)
83Strike to defend
84Scorpiones pungunt (Scorpions sting)
85Noctu diuque venamur (We hunt by day and night)
86Ad libertatem volamus (We fly for liberty)
87Maximus me metuit (The most powerful fear me)
88En garde (Be on you guard)
89Def auxilio telis meis (By the help of God, with my own weapons)
90Celer (Swift)
91We seek alone
92Aut pugna aut morere (Either fight or die)
93Ad arma parati (Prepared at arms)
95Trans mare exivi (I went out over the sea)
96nocturni obambulamus (We stalk by night)
97Achieve your aim
98Never failing
99Quisque tenaz (Each tenacious)
100Sarang tebuan jangan dijolok (Malay) (Don't let anyone attack the hornet's nest)
101Mens afitat molem (Mind over matter)
102Tenate et perficite (Attempt and achieve)
103Noli me tangere (Touch me not)
104Strike Hard
105Fortis in proelis (Valiant in battles)
106Pro libertate (For freedom)
107Nous y serons (We shall be there)
108Viribus contractis (With gathered strength)
109Primi hastati (The first of the legion)
110Nex timeo nec sperno (I neither fear nor despie)
111Adstantes (Standing to)
112Swift in destruction
113Velox et vindex (Swift and vengeful)
114With speed I strike
115Despite the elements
117It shall be done
118Occido redeoque (I kill and return)
119By night and by day
121For Liberty
122Victuri volamus (We fly to victory)
123Swift to strike
124Danger is our opportunity
125Nunquam domandi (Never to be tamed)
126Foremost in attack
127Eothen (Out of the East)
128Fulminis instar (Like a thunderbolt)
129I will defend the right
130Strong to serve
132Cave leopardum (Beware the leopard)
133Let us to the battle
134Per ardua volabimus (We will fly through hardships)
135Pennas ubique monstramus (We show our wings everywhere)
136Nihil fortius (Nothing is stronger)
137Do right-fear naught
138For freedom
139Si placet necamus (We destroy at will)
141Caedimus Noctu (We stay by night)
143Vincere est vivere (To conquer is to live)
144Who shall stop us
145Diu noctuque pugnamus (We fight by day and night)
146Percutit insidians pardus (The watchful panther strikes)
147Assidue potamus (We carry with regularity)
149Fortis nocte (Strong by night)
150Always ahead
151Foy pour devoir (Fidelity into duty)
152Faithful ally
153Noctividus (We see by night)
154His modis ad victoriam (By this means to victory)
155Eternal vigilance
156We light the way
157Our cannon speak our thoughts
158Strength in unity
159Quo non, quando non (Wither not? when not?)
160Api soya paragasamu (We seek and strike)
162One time, one purpose
164Firmes volamos (Firmly we fly)
165Infensa virtuti invidia (Envy to the foe of honour)
167Ubique sine mora (Everywhere without delay)
168Rerum cognoscere causas (To know the cause of things)
169Hunt and destroy
170Videre non videri (To see (and) not be seen)
171Per dolum defendimus (We defend by confusion)
172Insidiantibus insidiamur (We ambush the ambushers)
175Stop at nothing
176Noctea custodimus (We guard by night)
177Silenter in medias res (Silently into the midst of things)
178Irae emissarii (Emissaries of wrath)
179Delentem deleo (I destroy the destroyer)
180Suaviter in modo fortiter in re (Agreeably in manner, forcibly in act)
181Irruimus vastatum (We rush in to destroy)
182Fearless I direct my flight
184Nihil impenetrabile (Nothing impenetrable)
185Ara fejn hu (Look where it is)
190Ex tenebris (Through darkness)
191Vidi, vici (I saw , I conquered)
192Dare to discover
193Aera et terram imperare (To conquer the air and the ground)
194Surrigere colligere (To rise and to pick up)
195Velocitate fortis (Strong by speed)
196Sic fidem servamus (Thus we keep faith)
197Findimus caelum (We cleave the sky)
198Igni renarus (We are reborn by fire)
199Let tyrants tremble
200In loco parentis (We act as guardians)
201Hic et ubique (Here and everywhere)
202Semper vigilate (Be always vigiliant)
203Occidens oriendsque (East and west)
204Praedam mari quaero (I seek my prey in the sea)
205Pertama di-Malya (Malayan) (First in Malaya)
206Nihil nos effugit (Nothing escapes us)
207Semper paratus (Always prepared)
209Might and main
210Yn y mwyfre yn hedfan (Hovering in the heavens)
211Toujours a propos (Always at the right moment)
212Amari ad astra (From the sea to the stars)
213Irritatus lacessit crabro (The hornet attacks when roused)
214Ultor in umbris (Avenging in the shadows)
215Surgite nox adest (Arise night is at hand)
216CCXVI dona ferens (216 bearing gifts)
217Woe to the unwary
218In time
219From dusk till dawn
220We observe unseen (Greek)
221From sea to sea
222Pambili bo (Zulu) (Go straight ahead)
223Aloe defedunt Africam (Wings defend Africa)
224Fedele all'amico (Faithful to a friend)
225We guide the sword
226Non sibi sed patria (For country not for self)
228Auxilium a caelo (Help from the heavens)
229Be bold
230Kita chari jauh (We seek far)
233Fortis et Fidelis (Strong and fiathful)
234Ignem mortemque despuimus (We spit fire and death)
235Jaculamur Humi (We strike them to the ground)
236Speculiate nuntiate (Having watched bring word)
237Primum agmen in caelo (The vanguard in the heavens)
238Ad finem (To the end)
239Exploramus (We explore)
240Sjo Vordur Lopt Vordur (Guardian of the sea, guardian of the air)
241Find and forewan
242Toujours pret (Always ready)
243Swift in pursuit
245fugo non fugio (I put to flight; I do not flee)
247Rise from the east
248Il faut finir (It is necessary to make an end of it)
249Pugnis et calcibus (With fists and heels)
250Close to the sun
252With or on
253Come one, come all
254Fljuga vakta ok Ijosta (To fly, to watch and to strike)
255Ad auroram (To the break of dawn)
256Addimus vim viribus (Strength to strength)
257Thay myay gyee shin shwe hti (Death or glory)
258In medias res (In the thick of things)
259Haya ingia napigane (Get in a fight)
260Celer et Fortis (Swift and strong)
261Semper contendo (I always fight)
263Ex ungue leonem (By his claws one knows the lion)
264We defy
267Sine Mora (Without delay)
268Adjidaumo (Tail-in-the-air)
269Omnia videmus (We see all things)
271Death and life
272On, on!
274Supero (I conquer)
295In caelo auxilium (Help from the skies)
296Prepared for all things
298Silent we strike
310We fight to rebuild
311Na mnozstvi nehledte (Never regard their numbers)
312Non multi sed multa (Not many but much)
313Jeden jestrab mnoko vran rozhan (One hawk chases away many crows)
320Animo libero dirigimur (We are guided by the mind of liberty)
322Niet praten maar doen (Don't prattle, act)
330Trygg haver (Guarding the seas)
331For Norge
332Samhold i strid
333For Konge, federland og flaggets heder (For King, Country and the honour of the flag)
342Nous y sommes (Here we are)
345Nil actum credo si quid supersil agendum (I think nothing done if anything remains undone)
349Strike hard, strike home
350Belgae Gallorum fortissimi (Of all the inhabitants of Gaul, the Belgains were the bravest)
353Fear nought in unity
355Liberamus per caerula (We liberate through tropical skies)
356We bring freedom and assistance
357Mortem hostibus (We bring death to the enemy)
358Alere flammam (To feed the flame)
400Percussuri vigiles (On the watch to strike)
401Mors celerrima hostibus (Very swift death for the enemy)
403Stalk and strike
404Ready to fight
405Duicmus (We lead)
406We kill by night
407To hold on high
408For freedom
409Media nox meridies noster (Midnight is our noon)
410Noctivaga (Wandering by night)
411inimicus inimico (Hostile to the enemy)
412Promptus ad vindictum (Swift to avenge)
413Ad vigilamus undis (We watch the waves)
415Ad metam (To the mark)
416Ad saltum paratus (Ready for the leap)
417Supporting liberty and justice
418Piyautailili (Defend even unto death)
419Moosa aswayita
420Pugnamus finitum (We fight to a finish)
421Bellicum cecinere (They have sounded the war trumpet)
422This arm shall do it
423Quaerimus et petimus (We search and strike)
424Castigandos castigamus (We chastise those who deserve to be chastised)
425Je te plumerai (I shall pluck you)
426On wings of fire
427Ferte manus certas (Strike sure)
428Usque ad finem (To the very end)
429Fortunae nihil (Nothing to chance)
431The hatiten ronteriios (Warriors of the air)
432Saeviter ad lucem (Ferociously towards the light)
433Quis 'y frotte s'y pique (Who opposes it gets hurt)
434In excelsis vincimus (We conquer in the heights)
435Certi provehendi (Determined on delivery)
436Onus portamus (We carry the load)
437Omnia passim (Anything anywhere)
453Ready to strike
455Strike and strike again
460Strike and return
461They shall not pass unseen
463Press on regardless
464Aequo animo (Equanimity)
485Ka whawhai tonu (We will fight on)
486Hiwa hau Maka (Beware of the wild winds)
487Ki te mutunga (Through to the end)
488Ka ngarue ratau (We shake them)
489Whatatanagata kia kaha (Quit ye like men, be strong)
490Taniwha kei runga (The Taniwha is in the air)
500Quo fata vocent (Whither the fates may call)
501Nil time (Fear nothing)
502Niil timeo (I fear nothing)
504Vindicat in ventis (It avenges in the wind)
511Surely and quickly
512Pegasus militaris (Pegasus at war)
514Nil obstare potest (Nothing can withstand)
515Celeriter ferite ut hostes necetis
540Sine qua non (Indespensable)
541Alone above all
542Above all
543Valiant and vigiliant
544Quaero (I seek)
547Celer ad caedendum
550Per ignem vincimus (Through fire we conquer)
570Impetum deducimus (We launch the spearhead)
575The air is our path
576Carpe diem (Seize the opportunity)
582Proevolmaus designates (We fly before marking)
600Praeter sescentos (More than six hundred)
602Cave leonem cruciatum (Beware the tormented lion)
603Gin ye daur (If you dare)
604Si vix pacem, para bellum (If you want peace, prepare for war)
605Nunquam dormio (I never sleep)
607No motto
608Omnibus ungulis (With all talons)
609Tally ho
610Alifero tollitur axe ceres (Ceres rising in a winged car)
611Beware! Beware!
612Vigilando Custodimus (We stand guard by vilgilance)
613Semper Parati (Always ready)
614Codaf I geislo (Welsh) (I rise to search)
615Conjunctis viribus
616a rosa sine spina (No rose without a thorn)
617Apres moi, le deluge (After me the flood)
620Dona ferentes adsumus (We are coming bearing gifts)
622Bellamus noctu (We wage war by night)
625We avenge
626To strive and not to yeild
627At first sight
630Nocturna mors (Death by night)
635Nos ducimus ceteri secunter (We lead, others follow)
644Dentes draconis serimus (We sow the dragon's teeth)
683Nihil nos later (Nothing escapes us)
684Invisus videns (Seing through unseed)
692Polus dum sidera pascet (So long as the sky shall feed the stars)