Hopes and fears of EU countries

The Economist, 16 June 2001.
Biggest hope Biggest fear What they say about themselves What others say about them
Austria EU forgets about Haider Mass immigration from East Badly misunderstood Watch those neo-Nazis
Belgium Brussels as capital of new superpower Brussels secedes, Belgium disintegrates We have lots of good ideas Tiresome zealots
Britain EU becomes giant free-trade area Britain submerged into European superstate We are the only country that obeys the rules Make your mind up or leave; America's stooges
Denmark EU integration stops Welfare state dismantled by EU Nobody understands us Please stop having referendums
Finland EU security arm ends Russian threat EU-Russian antagonism We're no trouble, not like those other Nordics No trouble, nice phones
France EU as French-led superpower; humiliates US EU as German-led superpower; humiliates France We invented the EU and we are the only people who understand it Arrogant
Germany Federal Europe solves 'German problem' Popular backlash in Fermany against euro or enlargement We pay all the bills; we should have more say Alarmingly ambitious
Greece EU admits Cyprus, screws Turkey EU admits Turkey, screws Greece We are Europe's eastern outpost Levantine rule-breakers
Ireland Continued boom on back of EU EU ends Irish neutrality We are the EU's economic stars They owe it all to us
Italy Totally federal Europe Kicked off top table for being too flaky We are Europe's true believers Dodgy politics, dodgy finances
Luxembourg More EU jobs EU ends tax-haven status This is our stage Too powerful for a micro-state
Netherlands Dutch model adopted by EU Squeezed between France and Germany We are founder members; we deserve more respect Know-it-alls
Portugal Catches up with EU economically Small countries marginalised Don't confuse us with Spain Poor but honest
Spain Lots more EU money No more EU money We are one of the EU's leading nations Greedy
Sweden EU becomes more honest and Swedish Sweden becomes more corrupt and European We are the truest democrats Self-righteous