The Enneagram

Overall aims and attitudes
anger recognizing own needs failure ordinariness emptiness deviance pain weakness, being a sucker conflict
perfect helpful success special, unique full of learning dutiful, loyal, responsible fun-filled strong, just tranquil, harmonious
I'm hard-working I'm helpful I'm successful I'm unique I'm knowing I'm loyal I'm nice I'm powerful I'm OK
Sense of virtue, and what this ‘virtue’ really is
critical standards for self helpfulness success, efficiency sensitivity, couthness lone thinker, withdrawn, aloof obeying rules constant cheerfulness strength detachment
anger manipulativeness vanity vainglory lack of generosity self-righteousness inauthentic reaction to reality arrogance, lack of remorse sloth
Sense of vice, and what this ‘vice’ really is
not try to do better sense of own needs acceptance of failure ordinariness rely on others break laws seriousness weakness restlessness, presumption
self-acceptance virtuous love of self humility simplicity reflective dialogue commitment to absolute values temperance gentle disposition sense of justice
Attitudes and characteristics
Self-concept, false sense of reality. Either outer order (pride in how they change the world), inner order (pride in how they are), inner-outer harmony (pride in conforming).
outer order inner order outer-inner harmony outer order inner order outer-inner harmony outer order inner order outer-inner harmony
Mode of behaviour, believe fulfillment is attained by being aggressive (move against people), dependent (move towards people), withdrawing (move away from people).
aggressive dependent aggressive withdrawing withdrawing dependent dependent aggressive withdrawing
Resulting sense of what life is about
shoulds approval appearances scripts correctness apprehensions plans control harmony
Centres, active and denied
gut heart heart heart head head head gut gut
gut, heart heart, gut heart heart, head head, heart head head, gut gut, head gut
head head heart gut gut head heart heart gut
Experience of time
not enough time, dragged on by it interpersonal time is good time time is to be used time is measured by emotional intensity watch time go by reflectively time is the boss time is expandable, procrastinate control time: punctual metronomic, need schedules
acidic inner anger pride deceit envy stinginess fear over-indulgence arrogance laziness
obsessive, fussy, on edge, hard to live with oneself clingly, selfish, manipulative becomes like a success machine, with no place for others melancholy, snobbish, unreal as a person aloof, concern about own thoughts rather than others' understanding legalism, self-righteousness tries to avoid pain, over-indulgence authoritarianism indolence, relying on others
obsessed with unreal perfection project, repress, deny own needs; little identity apart from ability to help others image-conscious, vanity dramatize ordinary suffering: too special to fit in elaborate system substitutes for reality unsure of self, lack confidence to act on own, indecisive whitewash the unpleasant quick to negate, slow to affirm; sledgehammer anaesthetized to life
Moving with the arrows of compulsion, withdraw→dependent→aggressive
depair→4 presumption→8 despair→9 false hope→2 false hope→7 presumption→3 presumption→1 despair→5 false hope→6
Despair, melancholy, as a result of mountain of work Backbiting, belittling friends Despair, inactivity as a result of failure Become clingy Fantasy world Feigned decisiveness, presumption, unsubstantiated self-confidence Moody, resentful Too much resistance from others leads to despair, withdrawal Unsure of self, indecisive, have scruples.
Compulsive totem
terrier cat peacock basset hound fox rabbit monkey rhinocerous elephant
Behaviour, governed by the centres
biased thinking, make situation deal with them, not try to understand whole narrow perspective, only talk about people special to them sacrifice personal relationships, only interested in self-service, body-language is a mark behaviour is put-on, expressing feeling not self deliberate, self-conscious, awkward threatened by new knowledge, rigid behaviour, duty rather than affection make plans, presume others will fall in think they are relating, when actually asserting lack a natural spontaneous response, content with habitual friends, content with repetitious interests
Good points
Good points to take on
persue perfection, defend truth, generously teach others, self-improvement helpful, attentive, see others' needs enthusiastic, precise, good leaders romantic, passion for spontaneity and simplicity, original expression think systematically, generalize loyality, conscience optimistic, enthusiastic, guileless, contagious enjoyment of life see through pretension and hypocrisy, gravitate to power, use strength to debunk excellent reconcilers, naturally objective, impartial, dispassionate
Good qualities seen in Jesus
idealism, fairness responds to people's needs work hard for achievement sensitive seek wisdom, guru loyalty, dedication to his society, dutiful enjoyment, fun sense of justice, fearless, speaks up, doesn't compromise, conscience patience
Redeemed totem
ant irish setter bald eagle black beauty owl deer butterfly tiger porpoise
hard work to a purpose emotionally effusive at ease with who they are special, graceful alert rest, then swoop in draws strength from group they beauty is a reflection beautiful and strong relaxed, move with flow, intelligent, cooperative; aqueous mammal is a vulnerable contradiction
Symbolic colour
silver red bright yellow mauve cobalt beige green black or white gold or saffron
clear, sharp warmth, feeling stand out subtle, understated deep down adaptable anywhere vitality, life extremes a precious gift
Avoid pitfalls by
compassion, accept people and things as they are: all will be well realising that love is freely given, not earned don't sacrifice personal integrity for goals; accept failure become more active, not withdrawn patience, love for slow-coaches; participate, don't just observe see spirit of law, not letter be secure in the present moment, not always planning; accept necessary pain see strength in gentleness, be vulnerable find spirit within seld: call to mission; search for ways to give love and community
Personal redemption: move against the arrows, withdrawing→aggressive→dependent
accepting→7 defensive→4 accepting→6 offensive→1 offensive→8 defensive→9 defensive→5 accepting→2 offensive→3
be less serious, part of the fun, accept the objective good express self as special, unique learn a conscience, take on self-image of society be more involved with the world: my sensitivity is a gift for the betterment of others more aggressive, willing to be bruised; be earthy let go, trust instincts, seek harmony not duty more observant, reflective take more trouble to be liked set goals, move to them; look for personal love, cultivate new interests and friends
A friend should
ask questions, don't tell; tease love them for themselves, own their personal needs affirm personal qualitites, not achievements a friend who understands them should share his own perspectives, tell them to appreciate ordinary things invite into new activity ask what they really want to do, support them; don't advise call on their neglect of plans tell how others feel, with gentleness call them to take a stand, make a difference
Growth in God
Intellectual conversion: trap and holy idea
perfection service efficiency authenticity knowledge security idealism justice (decided by self) self-abasement (think energy will only flow from outside)
growth (an evolutionary process) grace (love is a free gift) God's will (submit to God's goals) union with God ("make that and the action fine") divine providence (God will provde whatever we need) trust in God co-creation (involvement in God's work, Paschal sacrifice) compassion (let God judge) unconditional love (need to know they are loveable)
Affective conversion: passion, which focusses on trap, and virtue of abandonment to holy idea
anger pride (messiah complex) deceit envy (want attention for self) stinginess fear over-indulgence arrogance laziness
serenity humility (acknowledge own needs) truthfulness (serves God's will) equanimity detachment courage (since God is with you whatever you do) sobriety simplicity (be child-like, not strong) diligence (work in gratitude for God's love)
Instinctual conversion: desolation, moving with arrows, and consolation, moving with the instinct of the indwelling Spirit, against arrows
distaste, restlessness darkness turmoil distaste (for prayer) selfishness restlessness darkness selfishness despair
peace being thankful peace being on fire being on fire context of God, being on fire strengthened being thankful being thankful
Other sins and virtues
Deadly sins
Intellectual vices: pride, envy, anger, sloth/accidy;
Physical vices: gluttony, lust, avarice/covetousness;
Bonus sins: depression, fear/anxiety;
Contrary virtues
humility, kindness, patience, diligence;
abstinence, chastity, liberality;
joy, fear of the Lord.
Fruits of the Spirit
love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control
Heavenly virtues
Theological virtues (supernatural):
faith, hope, charity
Cardinal virtues (natural):
Moral: fortitude/courage, justice, temperance. Intellectual: prudence/wisdom