sòng shàng rén (by Liu Changqing)

sòng to deliver; to carry; to give (as a present); to present (with); to see off; to send
shàng on; on top; upon; first (of two parts); previous or last (week, etc.); upper; higher; above; previous; to climb; to go into; above; to go up
rén man; person; people
lone; lonely
雲 or 云 yún cloud
將 or 将 jiāng, jiàng (will, shall, 'future tense'); ready; prepared; to get; to use; a general
field; plain; open space; limit; boundary; rude; wild
鶴 or 鹤 crane
豈 or 岂 how can it be that
xiàng direction; part; side; towards; to; guide; opposite to
rén man; person; people
間 or 间 jiān, jiàn between; among; space; (measure word); interstice; separate
zhù to live; to dwell; to reside; to stop
do not; there is none who
買 or 买 mǎi buy
fertile; rich
zhōu continent; island
shān mountain; hill
時 or 时 shí O'clock; time; when; hour; season; period
rén man; person; people
already; to stop; then; afterwards
zhī to know; to be aware
處 or 处 chǔ, chù to reside; to live; to dwell; to be in; to stay; get along with; to be in a position of; deal with; a place; location; spot; point; office; department; bureau; respect


Give a present to the one up here

The lone cloud will linger above the fields

How can it be that moves towards where people live?

Where nobody buys rich islands and hills

And when people already know where it is?


Wild birds share their home with a solitary cloud.

Why would anyone want to live among other people?

Why is there no one who wants to retire to an idyllic island?

Soon, everyone else would know the place.


Deliver to the higher man;

the lonely crane is prepared to accept the cloud as a boundary.

How can it be that the people's guide is fated to dwell in an interstice?

There is no one on that hill who can buy the fertile island;

The people's time is over, so be aware those who dwell there.


A gift to those who came before us

Cranes fly alone in an empty field of clouds.

How can it be that people live in such a finite space?

Our fertile mountainous land cannot be bought.

When will people stop residing in their own consciousness?


Seeing off the last inhabitant

A single cloud in the sky; this land will all become wild.

Why do people no longer want to live alone?

No one moves into these fertile island parts.

Soon everyone I know will have left.


The diplomats

Gu Yun was briefing ye He.

"Life among these contrary people?
Well, I came as a visitor a few hours ago,
And I already long for my next posting
to Britain."


Carry people aloft

Lonely cloud prepare the wild crane

How can it be that way?

People between dwellings there are not those who buy fertile hill land.

Time will come when people will know respect.


Above your head

A wild crane flies past a solitary cloud.

Why does it come to live among men?

The crane does not need to buy its island retreat.

The busy men in the city know only their next appointments.


Move on to higher things

How can it be that a lonely cloud,
like a wild crane,

will guide the people
to a fertile mountainous island
where they will dwell with respect and awareness?


Climbing away

I look back like a lonely crane at a cloud

Upon the open spaces I leave behind

How is it I will not dwell in these fields

Or even any part of these fertile hills?

But the time to stay has passed.