xún yǐn zhě bù yù

xún ancient measure of eight ancient feet, approximately a fathom; to search / to look for / to seek
yǐn secret / hidden / concealed
zhě -ist, -er (person) / person (who does sth)
bù, bú (negative prefix) / not / no; (when directly preceding a tone 4) / not / no
meet with
sōng loose / pine; loose
xià under / second (of two parts) / next (week, etc.) / lower / below / underneath / down(wards) / to decline / to go down / latter
wèn to ask
tóng (surname) / boy / child / children
zǐ, zi 11 p.m.-1 a.m. / 1st earthly branch / child / midnight / son / child / seed / egg / small thing; (noun suff.)
yán to speak / to say / talk / word
shī a division (milit.) / teacher / master / expert / model
cài, cǎi to pick / to pluck / to collect / to select / to choose / to gather; affairs / gather; allotment to a feudal noble
yào medicine / drug / cure
to go / to leave / to remove
zhǐ, zhī, qí ; M for one of a pair; only / merely / just / but; earth-spirit / peace; only, merely, but; (a measure word, for birds and some animals, etc.) / single / only; but / only
zài (located) at / in / exist
this / these
shān mountain / hill
zhòng, zhōng hit (the mark); within / among / in / middle / center / while (doing sth) / during / China / Chinese
yún cloud / (abbr.) for Yunnan / surname; (classical) to say
shēn deep / profound
bù, bú (negative prefix) / not / no; (when directly preceding a tone 4) / not / no
zhī to know / to be aware
chù, chǔ a place / location / spot / point / office / department / bureau / respect; to reside / to live / to dwell / to be in / to stay / get along with / to be in a position of / deal with


I search for the person who does not exist

The child of the pines, under the seed of midnight

I gather medicine to cure what ails me

I long to speak with the master—

The spirit that lies in these mountains

The deep uncertainty that dwells in these clouds


I am searching for a secret person I do not know

I am pining and going into a decline, and I ask the boy at midnight;

I tell the nobleman's teacher to take away the medicine

But I am here on this Chinese mountain

And the cloud is deep, and I do not know the place.


You seek but do not find what is concealed

Under the pine tree you ask a small child

To teach you to gather the balm of life, but he leaves.

Peace is found on the mountain

Amidst the clouds, so deep that you cannot know where.


Truth-seekers do not find

Casually ask small children

Expert speaker gathers medicines to cure

One of them is the central mountain

Where dense clouds know to gather


The hider can't be found

Below the pines, the children ask

‘Teacher, tale your drugs away!’

Peace is among these hills

Deap cloud has no home


Seek the hider, do not meet him,

Pine to decline to ask the small child,
to speak as a master, pick drugs ‘to go’.

Peace of the Earth lies within these mountains

Do not speak profoundly, but know respect.


Under a pine tree I've asked a young child

To tell me what cure the master chose when he left.

But among these mountains,

The deep clouds to not know where they dwell.